Humans pregnancy thread

Oh wow, so they waited till all of you were born or? I don’t have the patience for that😂

My midwife suggested the genetic testing cause my cousin has Down syndrome… and I kinda wanna make sure there isn’t a chance for that.

Don’t you need a spinal scan on the fetus to detect downs?

But yeah they waited until we were born. Bought neutrally coloured babystuff, like green and orange

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Umm supposedly not anymore, it’s not really to detect for sure if they have it, just to see what the probability/chance is I think…

Ah, okay.

I have mixed feelings about pregnancy. I would want to have a kid some day, and also experience pregnancy, but childbirth terrifies me and I don’t have what it takes to take care of babies anymore.
I wish I could just like, carry it to term, wave a magic wand, and have a 3 year old next to me, lol

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Yeah haha I definitely understand that… I’m terrified about the rest of my pregnancy (my belly getting huge) it freaks me out… same with childbirth… but I think it freaks out every first time mom… so I just try to remind myself its not just me that’s gone through this experience and I’ll be fine.

I’m the opposite- I took care of my nephew most of the time from newborn to one year and it wasn’t too bad… I think it’s the lack of sleep I’m worried about😬 anything older than 3 and I can’t deal with… LOL

I’m so excited for you. And don’t worry about your belly. Pregnant women tend to glow and they’re beautiful. You will glow too when you’re farther along. I mean actually, you may already be glowing. Seriously. And it’s a small price to pay for having a child. Children being so much joy. They marvel at everything when they’re young, then they grow and become more mature and you get to see what kind of people they’ve become. They’re our future. Parenthood is really special and I’m so glad I’m a mom.

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🥲 thanks @Pianogal

I am def not glowing yet lol my skin looks like hell- it’s dry AND I have acne.

I can’t wait to meet the baby.


Lol! That’s ok. I’m sure you’re still beautiful :slight_smile:

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Thank you🥺
You’re so sweet


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Really. We are always harder on ourselves than others are on us. Don’t be so hard on yourself :slight_smile:

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Yeah that’s very true…

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Ughg, I’m so annoyed my husband can’t come to any of my appointments (cause of work) I know someone’s gotta make money but I wish he could come to the ultrasounds🥺

He’s probably just as bummed as you are. Is there anyone else you can invite?

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My mom? But then there’s the complication of having someone watch my step son… (they’re only allowing one person who has to be over the age of 18 into appointments right now)

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Ok. I get it. It’s too bad. Darned Covid!

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Yes, lame times right now

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Fml, just had hot chocolate and now I don’t feel so good🥴

My baby is the size of a hot wheels car!

Next week it’ll be the size of a hacky sack🤯


Give birth now while you have the chance! It will be so much easier!

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LOL I know right??

I was just thinking that🙃

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