Humans not only love fantasy, we need it

Because the truth is too difficult. Don’t bother with people who claim they never lie. Because that’s a lie. We thrive on stories. I just finished enjoying “Charlotte’s Web”. Total fantasy.


Is that CBD weed? Its the name of a type of weed lol

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I tried it when I was younger:

I once bought some charlottes web from a dealer and he just gave me some dank pot

Called it charlottes web

I was so excited to get it but it was just regular weed wtf

However cbd is a great idea for me now that I’m quitting thanks.

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It is also a movie. :unicorn::unicorn::unicorn:


No, It’s the name of a book I read years ago.


My friend bought it from a website, I think he has a medical card for CBD weed, he has anxiety disorder and depression, was suicidal. His meds aren’t really working and he got erectile dysfunction from meds. It was shipped to his house lol

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