Humans are machines?

And as spiritual person we can say that our life has a purpose for us because you are pre-destined to be where you are because you are a machine. And you still try as hard as you want to, it shouldn’t change, but at the end of the day are we machines? programmed to live the life we live.

true or false

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False. Quantum physics tells us it’s all based on probabilities not predetermined.

How? Please explain more. Like Your environment is a path
and you is another path.

And your environment meets you perfectly and simultaneously how it’s meant to be IMO. That’s what I’ve always believed but explain more please.

Have you ever watched Westworld?

No but I’ve seen Back to the future and they have the space time continuum. That’s kind of what I’m saying.

Who knows, Descartes believed that animals are machines. I feel that I’m free. :slight_smile:

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Not machines but Animals.
We are Animals.


When I was in school this “predetermined” question really screwed me up. I studied all about Newton’s laws and the laws of electricity etc. It was like the universe was like the mechanism of a watch and in theory everything was predetermined.

Then I learned about quantum physics in university. It turns out that at the fundamental level of existence everything is mind blowingly based on probabilities.

Maybe google or youtube some introductory/overview stuff on quantum physics. Especially something called the “double slit experiment”


@zeno I feel free as well.

I can do whatever I want.

I could not try

I could try.

But those traits to me were pre-determined. That’s what I say by machines. It’s nurture and nature. Not nurture, nature, and whatever you choose. I account nurture and nature as the two paths that meet together to form…YOUR LIFE!

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We are flesh and blood. But you can compare us to machines in certain ways, we have the same functions.

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I think that’s false. I agree with wave. We’re animals. And if we are machines we’re the malfunctioning sort.

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