Human nature and first impressions

They voices are so awful to me, making sport of me. I have a disability. Can’t they cut me some slack. I’ve had nothing but the best intentions throughout my life. Please stop being so mean to me. I’m a nice, sensitive person. My friends and family know this and will back me up. I just want to live my life in peace without a daily breakdown in sanity.

I’m sorry for my part that I played in the acrimony with others here. I came onto this forum and mostly only vented about the voices. I just used this as a platform to speak to those spirits.

But I made positive contributions too—positive, detailed feedback for the poets and musicians, and posts about my own good faith plans for recovery from illness. Some people even thanked me for the notes or advice I posted.

So much like with the voices, people are only choosing to see the negative Nancy side of me (which really, is completely instigated by voices so disgusting and cruel and low down, voices so vile they accuse me of being at fault for being molested when I was 7, and say every other despicable thing like kill yourself etc); and not seeing all the positive things I have said, done, and am.

I am past anger now. All I have left is abject fear. I’ve been panicking for hours today. I still feel nothing but terror. I feel terrorized. I feel helpless and I feel frustrated and scared.

I don’t need other people making 1 dimensional assumptions about me or calling me names like we are in kindergarten to add insult to injury.

I will try to pull myself together. You stop breathing down my neck and, oh, I dunno, find something else to gossip about for one freaking day?

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i know how tough voices can be…are you on any meds?

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