Human mind is full of rooms

Both good and bad ones. And nowdays i’m avoiding all the bads. And that’s hard n challenging.
I’m managing my system all the time. I just must accept these rooms I guess.
I should not manage my mind anymore and just let things happen, both, bad and good.
Because if I’m a control freak I lose my natural flow.

I need to mark a land and give this a shot + of course take my meds.
The time here in Finland is 00:37 atm. and it’s time to take my meds. Olanzapin 5mg that is.

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I wondered

but didn’t say.

yeah, take your meds.

Wondered what? 151515

never mind

I can’t even remember

water under the bridge.

Ok. I’ll be preparing going to bed. It was mostly a good day for me. :slight_smile:

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