Human language cannot accommodate what I know to be true about myself

Many will see in language the manifest proof of a shared world, the gentle imposition of an ontological imperative. But what if ‘language’ was nothing more than the idle muttering of a solipsist?

PS. I’m feeling increasingly guilty and depressed about having these unusual beliefs, that somehow I’m letting down those who love me and worry about me.


You’re I’ll, and you can’t help it anymore than a diabetic can. The only thing you can do is report strange beliefs and symptoms to your pdoc and take your prescribed meds just like a diabetic has to do. It’s all anyone can ask of you

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I don’t think absolute solipsism is solid, it is obvious that there are things that don’t come from ourselves, the problem is that we can’t know for sure what there is other than us.

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How do my words express this ‘illness’?

When it comes to it I’m not much of a strict solipsist. I guess at times I believe in Descartes’ daimon.

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You’re on this forum which tells me you deal with psychosis. That’s what I’m basing it on. Plus, you’re admitting you have unusual beliefs. It’s all part of the illness.

I guess I’m confused, professionally confused.

Solipsist was the name of a book by the singer from Black Flag. a friend of mine gave it to me when we picked him up on the side of the road.

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Any good?..

it was okay. this was 20 years ago though.

You should learn about language theory. It’s quite interesting.

Is that something you’ve studied?

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oh sorry i meant information theory. which does relate to language theory.

I learned some off of here, the ancient information theory section is pretty interesting.


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