Human Growth Hormone (HGH)

What do we know about HGH and why do manufacturers keep their formulation secret on a bottle labeling it proprietary blend? Well look HGH is no magic. What you need to boost your own bodies natural human growth hormone is to ingest 4 amino acids. And they are:


The recommended dose was 2 g of each a day. I’d try 5g because that is just me my body. Those four amino acids work in the pituitary part of the brain to secrete HGH.

If you’re taking oral HGH, you’re receiving zero benefit since your body completely digests the supplement. There are some products that have been coated to prevent them from being digested before they reach your blood stream, but these are usually illegal and the coatings have the unfortunate and very prominent side-effect of destroying your liver. Quickly.

The serious weight lifters who use 'roids generally stick with injectables, also called ‘bumping the pin’ in gym parlance.

A few points of note about this…

  1. You’re not going to find many docs willing to prescribe this stuff willy nilly. HGH can cause all sorts of problems in adults.
  2. Since it’s hard to get legally, you have to buy illegal stuff and only God knows if what is in the containers/bottles is actually what is on the label. Very doubtful that an organized crime syndicate is all that concerned about the particulars of your health.
  3. If you’re taking oral HGH, you are either digesting the active ingredients and getting zero benefit, or you are getting some benefit at the cost of your liver. You won’t live very long without your liver.

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My 2 cents.


Also, here’s a very good answer from a nurse to someone asking about this stuff…


Synthetic hgh, taken improperly may cause damage. However every pro bodybuilder on the Mr Olympic stage is on synthetic injectable hgh. But hgh is confusion because we have found a way to naturally increase serum levels of hgh forget what you say about absortion. Glycine, orthonine, lysine and arginine like I’m saying will react ina hgh manner when all 4 supplements are combined. Would i rather pay my doc thousands for a synthetic growth hormone or come up with 50$ to order the 4 amino acids which raise hgh serum levels by 600% when combined. look up novex biotech growth factor 9. It’s pricey but it works well. If your looking for a commercial product.

I am interested in relieving joint pain, but I’m fearful about growing tumors.