Human Brain Grown In Mice To Boost Cure For Neurological Disorders

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Guys…and girls, don’t give up! :grin: I’m praying to God so hard for all of us to get better.

This news looks interesting. Don’t know how much longer, but Stem cells look VERY promising.

New York : In a first, US scientists have grown miniature human brains or human brain organoids, in the skulls of mice, a breakthrough that could boost stem cell research as well as provide insight into neurological disorders such as autism, dementia, and schizophrenia.

The work could yield insights into the development of cures for brain disorders, speed up the testing of drugs, and even pave the way for someday transplanting healthy populations of human cells into people’s brains to replace damaged or dysfunctional tissue, the researchers said.


Hope this come sooner to human beings… we need cure…!!!

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This is excellent news. I believe your prayers (and mine too for that matter) are going to be answered one day.


Brain surgery???

Not keen about that either. Transplantation is something that id rather avoid.

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Thank you for posting @paingain.

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No problem @NewHope . I owe it to the forum’s members for the dedication and enthusiasm you guys give!