Hula hooping

I’m thinking about buying an nice hula hoop for exercise. A friend of mine let me play with some of her hand hoops and I loved them so I figure I’ll give it a try while my hip is busted.

The thing is you can only read a serious article (this maker is passionate about her stuff) on hula hoops for so long before you start laughing. You can only see a certain set of words repeated for so long before they become funny. I swear I could read an article about a monitions and if they used the word ‘mortician’ enough it would be funny to me too. Does anyone else have this problem?

I’m really, really sorry lady. I deeply admire your dedication and if it’s any consolation I highly intend to buy your product if that’s any consolation.


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hey ,

Save up and get yourself a console or upgrade your computer to play video games.

I’ve found that so rewarding and such cause they are mostly so good it’s like watching a movie.

I understand this is Mysoginist take on things but life isn’t fair! Unless your rich of course.

Hula hoops are cool but pole dancing probably burns more calories and that is where the whole thing becomes unworkable.
As usual …please don’t listen to my advice…and don’t buy a console! It’s way more expensive than a hula hoop…but probably way less fun!

Saying that. Last month I didn’t drink alcohol and I walked over 120 km’s. Walking is probably the best exercise you can do and it’s easy…if your neighbourhood is good…and if you make sure you sweat and walk fast your there!

I keep track with an iPhone with an app that has gps…and average speeds. I track it with a watch and know my best split times…

That is a worthy thing you can always do and it’s worth it!


I usually run but I busted my hip :confused: not sure where pole dancing would come into it though.

Yes, with english pronouns.
" He let himself believe that he will overcome his problems because he decided he will fight for himself "

Jesus Christ and Holy Grail :joy:

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Can you hoop with a busted hip? All you have to do is do it.

I hope so. I’ve made the motion a few times so hopefully. I didn’t land on it. I did a complicated little full body misstep at a high speed while I was running. It isn’t a round and round thing or a back and forth thing. It’s and up and down problem. I feel ok until I try to go up stairs.

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