Huh? There's a diagnosed board?


I know I don’t come here much these days but have a couple of moments up my sleeve and I’ve only just figured out this board …ie sz diagnosed exists on this website. Doh.

Kinda explains why there is so much fluff on the website in general and why I wasn’t finding much joy here in my brief visits.

Really moves fast and it must be hard for newbies and idiots like me!

A friend in the struggle,



If you want to cut out the fluff, you can mute the “lounge” or other categories in your preferences. That way, you will only see threads relevant to having schizophrenia.


This is what it looks like on a smartphone. Just type the name of the categories you want to watch or mute.

Also, I moved this to meta.

Not a lot of posts on it though. And Dx’d Sz/Sza is the one for schizophrenics only. Dx’d/Other takes in bi-polar, depression, PTSD, other psychotic disorders, etc., as well. (I think!)

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I’ve never understood why bi-polars have to come here. It’s not like there aren’t sites dedicated to their condition.

Bipolar disorder is a mood disorder that accompanies schizoaffective disorder.

Oh, I get that. It’s just that we have people here who are straight bi-polars with no psychotic symptoms and no apparent delusional thinking, ideas of reference, etc.

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Oh, I agree.

Elements of psychosis have to be present. You’re right.

I currently have no psychotic symptoms. I have paranoia but not at a ‘psychotic’ level. Threads like this always make uneasy. No doubt because I always have a lot of doubt about psychosis and me.

I think the reckoning is I have had psychosis in the past.

Here is the risk history as culled from my psychiatric notes:

Risk history- delusions, ideas of self harm/suicide ideation,impulsivity /lack of impulse control(risk history) History of non compliance in the past. I can’t remember this.

Treatment related indicators- Failure to attend appointments (risk history and current(then))

Person circumstances indicative of risk: severe stress(risk history),

Behaviour indicative of risk:
deliberate self harm,alcohol/drug abuse (risk history)

Another risk assessment. Things ticked yes or both yes and no

Previous suicide attempt (y) admitted to a low/medium unit(y) Evidence of being dangerously impulsive to others(y and n) Has the client expressed but not demonstrated aggressive behaviour(y) Has the client threatened physical/psychological harm(y) Has the client expressed paranoid delusions featuring certain individuals(y and n) The client is unable to adequately communicate need(y and n)

Also mention of confused and paranoid thinking and problems expressing myself clearly especially when angry/agitated/frightened

I am not sure why some are y and n.

As you can see it’s quite a grey area with stress being cited as a factor. I know the the ‘sz/sz-a’ board is for those who currently have or used to have(me) the diagnosis.

I think if you are taking APs, as I am, then there is probably a good case for being here.


Hows it going

I agree. I think most of the bipolar people have faced psychosis and taken antipsychotics. I have little current psychotic symptoms present, like you, but that’s because we’re taking meds. I seem like a normy to most but that doesn’t erase my past histories, struggles with schizoaffective. I find it hard to believe a bipolar person who’s only faced mood disorders would find themselves to this board. I know a bunch of bi polar posters with history of psychosis here. Hard pressed to find a Jimi Hendrix here. (I believe he had manic depression but no psychosis). But just because our meds nullify our symptoms doesn’t mean we aren’t allowed to post here!

I think that there are more people posting on the Diagnosed Other Board than the SZ Diagnosed Board.
I usually post on the Other Board because of this reason.

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I like that the SZ board isn’t bi-polar party place.


Yeah I think that I’ll post on the SZ/SZA Board more often.

I think I see how you mute a category on a phone… How do you do it on a computer? @ninjastar or other moderator?

You can mute some boards. The Unusual beliefs board can be a bit much to take some days so have been known to mute that one on occasions.

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How do you do it?

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I mute that one on all occasions. It’s the unhealthiest area of the site.