Huge Study Reveals How Often Cannabis Triggers Psychotic Episodes


I read it quickly but didn’t get a straight answer.

1 to 70 percent of people wtf did I read that wrong if I didn’t this is a biased study also what about other drugs like meth cocaine ADHD meds

I’m not gonna go on another rant but I think ADHD meds more specifically Ritalin causes my issues they need to stop hyper focusing on weed and focus on other stuff



It says,“Where individual studies have suggested that psychosis occurs in anywhere from 1 to 70 percent of all cannabis users, the new analysis finds that roughly 1 in 200 (or just 0.5 percent) may experience a psychotic episode, which can involve hallucinations, delusions and paranoia.”

So 0.5% or 1 in 200 can get psychotic symptoms of hallucinations, delusions and paranoia,


Oh I realize now that i completely read it wrong so many studies say 1 to 70 percent and they said .5% idk how i screwed up so badly I was gonna delete the message but I can’t for some reason

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The 0.5% comes from taking the sum of participants (~201,000) and dividing by the number of participants who experienced psychosis after smoking (or any other form of administration) cannabis.

That doesn’t mean that every person has a 0.5% chance. Some have more, some have less:

[However, “not every individual exposed to cannabis is equally at risk” due to those predicting factors the analysis identified – age, gender, mental health conditions and THC potency.]