Hubby doesn't want me to get ECT

Yesterday after my Pdoc appointment I told hubby the doctors plans to refer me to TMS and if I don’t get accepted then referred for ECT.
He said no you aren’t getting ECT. I let it go.
Today after my nurses appointment my nurse said I really should try ECT. Then hubby reminded me that I had told him to never let them do that to me (I had it when I was hospitalized as a teen, too young, like 16). My doctor doesn’t know what else to do. Nurse said it would be good. I’m desperate to try but hubby is asking me not to.
What do I do?
I know I won’t get into TMS. They didn’t even taken me into then program when I was institutionalized and that’s what he sent me for.
What should I do?

It’s not like it was even ten years ago. It can be good for certain people especially things like treatment resistant types. I’d bring it up openly with your husband and explain to him that it may be beneficial. It’s worth trying all these things sometimes and it’s an unusual treatment that does help some people.

Sounds like I need to learn about the changes to it first before I talk to him. Thanks for the hopeful words. I’m scared but I don’t even know how long I’ll have to wait anyhow. Could be a while. Just need him on my side

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Treatments are always improving. From what I understand it has it’s place in treatment but listen to your doctor and treatment team. I’m just a guy on the internet. They have the practical knowledge and advice you need. Just be truthful with your hubby. If you need some different treatment then it’s for the best outcome…you may gain from it and it does work for some people. I’d be inclined to give it a go if your doctor suggests it.

Sounds like it’s not as bad anymore and it helped me in some ways last time. I do need to gain from something. If it doesn’t make me confused and lose my memory this time. I don’t understand how it will help completely but I sense they are hiding something. I still trust them so I will do it if it’s all I have left to be myself again. I have kids too so I need to get back to normal. I have struggled with motivation and other things for past 9 years. Really bad now but not as bad as when I was hospitalized last time. Thanks for replying. I appreciate the chat. :slight_smile: :grinning:

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