Unfortunately it provides no information or links to research that is the basis of this recommendation - so its really just one person’s uneducated opinion (it seems).

Without the scientific evidence, its just not helpful.


“Avoid gluten, saturated and trans fats, chocolate, alcohol, cough syrup, sugary drinks and sweets.”



William J. Walsh-Nutrient Power_ Heal Your Biochemistry and Heal Your Brain-Skyhorse Publishing (2014).epub

The above book explains everything listed on that website.

It doesn’t count as a reference if it’s just a book written by the same guy. Anyone can write a book.


i read that book, its really just a ploy to get you to go to their institute and get really really expensive tests to take there really really expensive guided regiment.


just one of the conditions the book talks about and places importance on. but it has been debunked and a failed hypothesis

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That book was written by someone who collaborated with who almost won a Nobel prize. I read that book and felt awesome, I realized what nutrients I’m missing. I even posted case studies in this forum.

It was clearly mentioned in that book that the guy who almost won Nobel prize was mistaken. That book says what is missing in that condition, it clearly states that it is not a disease but missing nutrients.

That book is different from that website. Same information about nutrients required for Schizophrenia can be found in tons of books and tons of webpages but this book is written by one of the guys who did actual research all his life.

you mean linus pauling?

Nope. Linus won 2

what was his name?

I forgot so searching, the book is not in my pc.

The beauty of this book is all information is compiled in one book with complete explanation where as it is all scattered all over internet.

Carl Pfeiffer is/was the guy, I’m not sure if he is still alive.

Edit: Carl Curt Pfeiffer, M.D., Ph.D. (March 19, 1908 – November 18, 1988) was a physician and biochemist who researched schizophrenia, allergies and other …

ah yes i remember the name

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It’s still not really proven.

Abram Hoffer and the like are just outliers, if nutrients really treated schizophrenia then our Pdocs would be giving it to us.

Honestly it’s mostly all scams trying to get you to waste your money.

I’d rather change antipsychotics than stuff myself full of Niacin and other unproven crap.

I know you’re looking for nutritional and supplemental answers all the time, but maybe just change antipsychotics if you’re not getting the results you want?

I take fish oil and B12 because they help me but I’m not expecting them to work like APs.

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I’m not saying they replace antipsychotics, I’m saying they are missing and that causes lots of problems actually missing nutrients aggravates the problems we already have.

For example copper can cause anger/rage and pschosis or delusions not sure

and zinc is very very important for Schizophrenics etc;

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