How's your Saturday

For me it’s ok. Haven’t done much but I’m planning on cooking burgers and sweet potato fries for dinner. Maybe play Mario kart with my husband or knit. Have you had a good day?


So far, so good. Studying the difference between men and women. Yes, there seems to be a difference. :eyeglasses:


I love Mario Kart! I used to play online with my stepdad, I got to wear the 1st place crown many times thanks to a well timed shell or perfect sliding.

My Saturday sucks because I got 0 sleep last night. Rather than sleep all day I decided to just stay up, and I’m running on fumes.


Not too bad. I started off depressed and irritable, but I am less so now because I did a bunch of work outside my house.

Now I’m going to shower and head over to my sister’s for dinner and some binge series watching.


I use to play a ton of Mario Kart on the N64 back when I lived on residence in University. My room mate had it. It’s was a lot of fun!


Been cleaning off and on and playing on line

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Currently watching the blue jays game, decent Saturday.

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Okay. Made lunch, went on the computer.

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