How's your pain threshold?

I think mine is quite low. The sole of my right foot is really sore due to hard skin. I had it before, but not quite as bad… I was told by the foot specialist,then, it was due to putting more pressure on my right foot . I’m finding myself rocking , and making non-verbal noises in an attempt to get my mind distracted from the soreness.


I think mine is quite high. Could be wrong though.

What I find helpful in the face of strong pain is to not fight it. Distracting yourself doesn’t really work and wastes your energy I think, so I just let the pain wash over me and concentrate on what it feels like, where the center of it is, and hold that concentration. Usually when I do this you realize that pain is not static, its very dynamic and rises and falls, shifts from place to place, and that allows you to accept it and realize that it is often temporary.

That said, you should probably get that checked out by a doctor.


I experience pain quite a bit. I am not very good at danger, so I have got myself into some accidents before

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Some types of pain I endure pretty well, and other types of pain I’m kind of a wimp about. I handle hunger pretty well. When I got out of jail in Jackson, TN I weighed well over a hundred pounds less than I do now.

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For me, physical pain is hard to handle but I cope with mental and misery pretty well…

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I got arthritis in my middle back. Sometimes it feels as if i have a broken spine. I make verbal noises, somehow it makes a difference.

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It’s quite high I can tolerate a good deal of pain. Not that I enjoy it.

Funny enough, I did a genetics test once for a research study and it was found I had a gene that causes me to have heightened pain sensitivity, meaning I actually feel pain stronger than other people do. So do I have a high pain tolerance, or does it just seem like I have a high pain tolerance because something else that would cause someone minor pain causes me a good deal of pain? :thinking: Or is it higher because I do feel more pain?

Also I had no idea there was a gene for that until that study lol.

I have a high pain threshold, once I had a pimple on my hand for years. I tried acid and it didn’t go away. I then took a lighter and burned it, yes I put fire directly on my skin until the pimple smoked, burned and was black. I was then able to remove it and it never came back. I can also take high dose supplements that cause nausea without issues. I had akathisia for a year without meds for it.

I advise you to go to your GP with your foot and have them prescribe an ointment for your feet that you can apply every night. And then, after applying and rubbing in, you put a pair of socks on to protect your linen at night and prevent the ointment from rubbing off. Doing this did wonders for my own extremely dry, cracking feet. After several weeks of nightly application, my feet were as soft as a baby’s. Don’t get the ointment between your toes however. You’ll get athlete’s foot.


We all focused on the thread name and forgot his main issue lol

High. Physical pain I take really well. Mental pain not so much. Still. I can look at anyone else’s blood but the instance of looking at my own doesn’t work. I pass out quickly so during blood draws and cuts I just can’t look. So pain heavyweight. My blood…light weight.

Stepdaughter had me put my feet in warm water, and then used a foot scraper . There’s some soreness,but not as bad as it used to be. As I was rolling my trouser legs up my granddaughter commented on my swollen feet and legs . I’d not noticed! So have been instructed to put my feet up, which I’m going to do after posting this .

It’s a good question. I’m not sure tbh. I get really scared of the thought of pain and that makes it worse
For instance
At the dentist when they numbed my gum
And I could still sense my teeth being pulled out
I was so freaked out that it was pseudo painful lol. I was like squeaming

Sorry you are hurting. Hope it gets better soon.

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