How's your dancing?

Mine’s terrible, I have two left feet.

I’ve wondered if it has anything to do with sz, but then again I’ve always been uncoordinated. My mother said I was worse before I went on neuroleptics. Maybe some truth to being “unbalanced”.

How does your mind and body get along?

my friend Matt likes to laugh out loud and ridicule me when I tried to dance. haha…he says, “oh, look at the white boy trying to dance”…haha…

Can’t dance, although I try sometimes.

I can do a pretty mean finger dance :smiley:

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I can’t dance but back in the nineties me and a couple of guys from our board & care would attend the bi-weekly dances held at a church/day center near us. It was actually fun. There was usually at least 25 people there from shelters or other group homes. There were some sad cases of people on gurneys who were wheeled in just to hear a the live band play. They could not talk or move but part of them was aware. I can’t dance but I would ask the cute girls if they wanted to dance and when they said yes, I would shuffle around in my version of dancing. In that place, nothing was too weird.


I dance rigidly and other will not see I dance pleasantly…I would like to dance a little better though

I’m horrible. I’ve tried line dance. I stumble on my feet and legs. My coordination is a catastrophe. I used to be a fairly good goal keeper in hockey. But dancing? No no no.

I think I am a good sportsman but I am not a good dancer…I think it’s the same for you right?haha

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I can’t dance I’ve just worked a stripper pole and dirty danced.

Seriously, I am sure there is footage of it somewhere on the Internet.

I had a guy grinding on me while I was grinding on a girl. That was memorable. And a little satanic some might say. I would just call it not giving a ■■■■.

The other “dancing” I have done besides sex with clothes on was getting into a mosh pit at a metal concert.

Sex and violence. Mmm

Wait I’m not supposed to think that?


I’m an insane ape, a great one, literally a great ape. I’m also very smart, almost genius, so what I say must have some level of truth to it. I’m rational to a fault and I support grinding and moshing.

I also think that you should ask your doctor if hamburger helper is right for you.

My moves aren’t to bad. But can be like pulling teeth to get me on the dance floor. So most times it takes alcohol and the two DO NOT mix well. I do however sometimes dance around in the privacy of my own home often manic lol…

I’m not co-ordinated at all. I used to jump rope a lot, so I am balanced and I have a good sense of rhythm, but I can’t dance at all.

Moshing… I haven’t done that in a while. My friends and me used to do that at school dances, because it was inappropriate and we were gifted.

I dance okay when I’ve got a little buzz going. I made up some dances like the Politician where you make a handshaking motion like your going up in a crowd shaking hands.

I don’t do dance steps much, but I can shake it like I’m supposed to do. :wink:

At the office the other attorney has been in dance lessons for a few years and he teaches me the steps. We also watch a lot of youtube videos of partners dancing.

I use to break dance when I was a kid and was actually pretty good.When I was a teen I would sometimes mosh when I was REALLY drunk…man that relieved sooo much stress …slam some beers and jump around slamming into people.

But like normal dancing with a chick? Never done it.Im one of those cavemen that never grew up enough to get over the girly feeling it gives me.