How's y'all night goin?

So I’m officially broken up with my meth head, pill popping boyfriend! It hurts so much but I’m more important than a comfortable misery… so I’m hurting…

How bout y’all, how are you feeling tonight?

You did the right thing. I hope you’re strong enough to stay away from him. He is probably a nice guy or you wouldn’t have picked him and I’m sure he has some positive traits but he’s a train wreck waiting to happen.

I am following up a day of doing nothing—with a night of doing nothing, lol.

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I’m praying I can stay strong, I have faith I will, I need to remember me, to love me, not put up with the abuses even if it wasn’t physical I was mentality being controlled and manipulated…

Yay for a doin nothin day, I kinda did, just bought the Pendragon cycle series, all 5 books for 20 bucks! Yay bookman’s!

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