How's the homespirit in your home?

I’ve lived here for 16 years with lots of pain and misery. I’ve also had my good days. I guess people with Sz suffer no matter where they live. But I think I should realize it’s not the hood to blame.

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Yeah there’s definitely some yuck spirits around that are horrible but there’s some good sorts too I think.

I had them say I’m not allowed to go to the beach or exercise which is mean spirited like they want to ruin my life or don’t want good for me.

I’ve not connected with the nature much.

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Was there like a manual that they handed out to people with SZ and I didn’t get my copy? Because I totally didn’t suffer like I was apparently supposed to. Sorry!



Why were you diagnosed then?

I’m just guessing here, but I think it may have had something to do with 24/7 delusions and hallucinations about alien colonization of Earth.

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