How's Greece?

@Pikasaur how is your move going?

It’s going well! Money is tight, but payday is coming up.
I’m in training for the first three weeks, starting on week 3 now. The training is in English, afterwards we’ll be placed in teams depending on the language we were hired for.
My class is a nice bunch of people. I met my future teammates last friday, they seem nice.

The weather is great, food is cheap, and people are nice.

There’s only two things that suck. Hospitals, and lgbt things.

An lgbt friend here in Athens told me lgbt people can get attacked in they’re at the wrong place at the wrong time, so not only do I have to stay closeted, I’ve had to re-feminize myself to avoid suspicion.
It sucks. People are complimenting my tops and dresses, and I just want to tear them off and wear a sports jersey or a large t-shirt with a hoodie.

It sucks. I don’t want anyone to think of me as female, yet I’m forced to play the part.


I’m sorry that part is rough. Lots of women wear hoodies and tshirts, though. Maybe you can mix it up and work into your style again.

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