How's everybody doing

I am overly tired of work. Resting in bed early . Ate some food took meds will sleep. Tommorow I will save the planet or conquer the world :grimacing:


that’s nice ,say what are you doing mean time.?

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What is mean time? I am confused

In the meantime or meanwhile. While you’re waiting.

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While I am waiting for sleep? :thinking:

Sorry some of my English is not perfect

I try to nap but got up. can’t get the momentive. yet

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Yes, that’s right. And don’t worry we can always explain

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Cool. I am ruling the planet. Jk.
I sometimes just lay in bed when I am tired . But try not to sleep becouse it’s hard to fall asleep at night then

best get sleep if you work

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Yeah I brushed my teeth. But don’t have what to do. Don’t want to sleep yet. But when I see I am starting to fall asleep. I will put phone away

It’s 21.30 we are spinning clock one hour today

Good. I renewed my faith and feel at better peace today.

I’m feeling good. Just woke up from a nap.

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