Howdy im new

I haven’t been formerly diagnosed but theres a history in my family and I hear voices I also have delusions .I like conversing with those that have the same affliction I have thanks.


Just about everybody here has had delusions and hallucinations. If yours are too bad I recommend getting help - which probably means medications. Hang around and see if this is your cup of tea.

Welcome to the site, you will meet a lot of nice, caring people here, feel free to post any questions or just write anything you feel like talking about.

Welcome dude,

We’re not doctors but this is an excellent place.

Thanks guys I feel better already

Is your name pete-ster or pe=tester?

Welcome to the site. I think you’ll meet lots of friendly people here and hopefully you can share some of your experiences.

By the way - you can access us from any newer web browser - whether its on your laptop, your cellphone, or a tablet or iPad.

So - you can check in easily when you’re not at home.

Welcome to the forum @petester