How your life story has molded you

We all get molded by our life stories. How has your life story molded you? My life has humbled me. I get humbled over and over again. I think schizophrenia is very humbling. I’ve also gotten tougher and become a stronger person because of sz.


I dont really have anything possitive to say about how schizophrenia has effected my life. It is all bad.


Lots of wasted years till medications. I didn’t get diagnosed till 29 as I don’t hear voices per se.

After that. I lived a great life and still do. I traveled. I married someone. I lived overseas for a couple of years and I’ve lived a good life coming back to town. It’s a hard journey for sure but I’m a glass half full kinda person and being positive helps.

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i suffered a whole lot when my sz was “active” and dominant in my life. now i find i have to work out bitterness and anger and it is very difficult for me to do it.


For me, Schizophrenia is all bad – wasted years in total denial and depression, I used to have friends and a life now I’m just depressed :pensive:

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Sz has ruined my life. I can’t even go back to studying anything in college or university.

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In a tragic way, I agree with this

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I guess a humbling experience? I’m a nicer person. I have more empathy and compassion for others, especially the weak and undeserving. I care about homeless people now.

My life was destroyed and ruined. I guess it was my fault or partly my fault. I don’t know. It was from substance induced psychosis, but it happened so fast. I got panic attacks just by looking at my laptop reflection on the screen when studying and seeing my face. I thought nothing was real and couldn’t exist.

I was lost to say the least. I thought I lost my arms and hands and somehow they got re-attached. Like an alien abduction or some ■■■■.

I’m pretty sure one of my former best friends ruined my life, but I’m not sure. I get these delusional thoughts that I think are psychic. Probably not. People move on, they discriminate, and they can’t handle the truth despite the part they play.

I don’t think schizophrenia makes me stronger at all, but weaker. Unless, I make a 90-100% recovery in the next 5 years, I don’t see the point. Like Man in Black (William) from “West-world”, I don’t see the point in life anymore – sometimes. I went insane thinking I was in a simulation or fake reality. My vision was ■■■■■■ up constantly as well as my 5 senses. I couldn’t perceive songs correctly (understand lyrics) or sense where sounds were coming from and how far. That sucked. I made strides in my recovery. Mine was a total neurological mess.

If I never had schizophrenia, I’d imagine I would be working in some high class finance job. Maybe a prestigious bank or corporate finance. Maybe investment banking (eventually) and then private equity or even a hedge fund. Hell, maybe even a trader. I would have been a multi-millionaire by now by age 30. I could retire comfortably at age 40. I wouldn’t mind working 80 hours a week if it meant I could be wealthy and retire early. I would have a bombshell blonde or brunette girlfriend. I would have been stuck up and narcissistic.

Looking back in my life, I should have done electrical engineering or stuck with business admin or economics. Mathematics pushed me to my limit, especially when I became paranoid, philosophical, and psychotic.

My life story has shown me that the only person I can rely on is myself. It keeps me on meds.

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