How your doctor treat being sleepy during day?

My doctor gave me piracetam but it didnt help much
Wt abt you ?

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Mine won’t do anything.

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Mine won’t do anything either. Says I’ll get used to it. Pisses me off it’s like getting hit with a hammer in the head and saying it’s ok you’ll get used to it


I don’t know if there’s anything they can do. My pdoc didn’t know what to do when I was all comatose on 30 mg of Haldol, except switch me to something else, which she did. Now I have energy all day on Zyprexa. There wasn’t much to get me going on Haldol or Geodon though.


Yeah, haldol was bad. We switched to half injection half pills to get rid of most of the exhaustion, but even still it was pretty bad. Now on perphenazine it’s a little better.

He puts his hands to his face and slowly exhales. I think he thinks im a fker.

They dont care yo. Prescribed Amphetamine helps some. Or maybe modafinil, makes u feel like your on a pot of coffee.

Just talked to my doc about this today, he said I’ll get used to it. Hope he’s right.

I take concerta in the morning for my ADD which should be more activating than it is. Today I started sertraline which is also supposed to be activating. I’m hoping so.

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Mine told me to take specifically meds(one that might cause) in specifically timing(like evening or before bed)

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My doctor had me try modafinil, but I only took it once. Seemed to help as I wasn’t laying down with my eyes closed. I’m going to try taking my am risperidone 9 hours earlier, but I have to move it very slowly. I am worried because there is more time for it to metabolize, I will go into withdrawl. I asked 6 pharmacists and all but one said no withdrawl.

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She doesn’t say anything cause I don’t bring it up.
If I get about 10 hrs sleep at some point, I’m okay.
Sometimes I take naps, sometimes I sleep all day.
But as long as I can get up when I need to to get things done, I’m okay with however weird my sleep patterns get.
I do take my Seroquel at night and that usually knocks me out until I need to get up.

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My pdoc gave me modafinil. It gave me mega hypertension.

So for now I take 100mg to 200mg of caffeine and 200mg l theanine so it’s less jittery

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One thing that helps me stay up once I’ve awakened: a strong cup of black tea (2 bags) with half and half and sweetener.

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He appears at my house and bangs trash can lids together, yelling at me to wake up.

I’m not sure he’s a real doctor.