How you know if you can't own a gun anymore?

I think i can’t own a gun. It doesn’t really matter because i don’t like guns and wouldn’t buy one anyways. But I think i was involuntary commited to a hospital for a few days. But i guess you probably wouldn’t know unless you tried to buy a gun?? How does that work?? Do they have to run some kind of check to find out??? Would a gun dealership do that only??

Shouldn’t they tell you if you can’t own a gun anymore?? again i don’t care. I don’t want a gun or anything i would just like to know if i’m on some kind of list.

In Sweden there are strict rules of who can own a gun and how to keep it. Not anyone can just go and get a gun.

i wish it was like that in the usa. Here almost anyone can own a gun i think except for a felon and a involuntary kept mentally ill person. but i don’t really know the rules on any of it.

This webpage lists the laws of each state:

It seems the only way any gun dealer would know that you’ve been hospitalized is if law enforcement was involved, or if your were committed by court order.



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thanks i always wondered about that. LOL

In California, when you get involuntarily committed, you sign a paper when admitted that you can’t own a gun for 5 years after your last commitment.
You have to file a petition for the court to reinstate your right to own one.
They may or may not grant it depending on the reason and amount of times committed.


i don’t think i signed a paper. No one even mentioned anything about it to me. i just remember her saying at the hospital that she was going to say i involuntary had to stay for a psychiatric hold because i said i didn’t want to be there. it don’t really matter i was just wondering. :slight_smile: thank you Csummersx.

I would like to own one of the many,many guns my father had, passed down from at least 3 generations (that I’m aware of) but as the law states, Legally I only get to have the “dummy” long riffle to hang on my mantle.
My brother gets to be the keeper of all right now.

when you start to dress like Rambo, and want to take out the whole police force !
take care

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