How would you survive?

If someone were to murder you in a couple of days how would you prevent it I if you could? If you were kidnapped and possibly tortured.

Well I can’t die but I would just prepare in anyway I could. Formulate escape plans and such. Why do you ask?

I wonder about that sometimes. I have these scenarios happen to me often in dreams. Typically if I’m in a car I use my feet to kick out the window and then leap out when the car is stopped or at least by grass. If you’re driving the car you’re supposed to intentionally crash it, then escape while the attacker reorients themself. If someone points a gun at you from inside a car and tells you to get in you can literally just run away, as long as you run in an unpredictable pattern, shooting a moving target especially if it’s moving erratically is very difficult unless the person has excellent gun experience. If I’m the trunk of a car apparently you can kick out the tail light and wave your arm around outside to get attention. Main goal is to not let yourself be taken somewhere. Usually in dreams if I do get somewhere it’s just about waiting for the right time to get away. I often die in these situations or have other bad things done so it’s not ideal.