How would you nicely end a relationship/friendship?

I get persuaded too easily by my therapist, who told me to make friends.

So I made a few friends but I need to just end things. I am not capable of having friends because of sz and anxiety.

For instance they have invited me to dinner to places that I cannot drive to because of my bad anxiety. Or I have blank mind because I’m a human fraud controlled by the pharmacy. Or bad negative symptoms ruling my life.

So how do I end the friendships nicely? I can’t go on like this. I know I’ll be upset and sad but I just can’t keep up. I’m beside myself can’t sleep I’d rip hair out jazz

I think you say no to meet up but still you can be friends.


My brain screams at me for anything left open or unfinished or unresolved.

So a friendship left open would not allow me to feel ok at all.


I hate myself.

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I don’t know, I think you are serious like it should be yes or no. I too go on extreme decision, just so my friend said something bad opinion I don’t like him I disconnect the friendship. I say to my self don’t go deep into a friendship but still be friends.

If I call one friend and he does not show up call another friend. 8 billion there are 8 billion unique and wonderfully designed people out there !!!.

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Why dont you just tell them exactly what you told us here? There is no need for deception.
Then you can either operate your friendships with them having this knowledge or end them altogether.



@Bowens what you said really jived with me.

Honesty is the best policy as they say.

I am so sick of lying about everything in my life because I have sz. I feel so much shame because of it.

I’ve been wanting to work on being more honest and vulnerable and open with people. I guess now is a time to practice this.


If they are real friends they will understand your health needs. You just need to communicate with them and see if they respect your needs. Set borders with them that you are comfortable with and they should accept them. A close friend is hard to find, but most people like to be casual friends.


Yea that’s good advice