How would you handle this

I’ve had a good day and pretty good past 2 months.

So I’m sitting here relaxing after a busy day. I get that feeling of someone’s attention directed towards me so I just go about my own business.

I begin to feel pressed and judged by who ever this person is. But I kept my cool.

So this female says something that only I would know what was about and it was low down shitty and a lie. It was about a dream I had that was pretty ■■■■■■ up and probably the most messed up thing you could do with a parent. Bare in mind this was a dream. Well anyway this dream came up when I was having a panic attack awhile back and these “voices” caught onto it and are acting like this dream actually happened. It definitely didn’t because for one incest is disgusting and I didn’t even live with this parent when I had the dream.

But anyways these voices are low down disgusting people. Jealous, sleaze balls that spread lies and assumptions as truth.

Don’t bother saying I’m hallucinating. I know the difference.

How would you handle unknown people ease dropping and spreading lies and ■■■■■■ up ■■■■ about you to hurt your reputation? Boundaries have def been crossed here and these people need to learn their place. They are lucky I don’t know their name, because id stomp their face

Man idk. I know what it’s like to think shitty disgusting thoughts, it’s pretty much my daily life. I’ve been having trouble with them a lot recently. My hallucinations tend to align with the intrusive thoughts. I find it hard to keep it in mind myself, but the fact is no one is doing this to you. I get these impressions myself quite a bit and there are always small things that make it seem so true. But in all this time no one has ever come up to me and straight up told me “Yo you need to stop thinking these ■■■■■■ up thoughts, it’s really pissing me off.” And I’ve asked my brother if he can hear my thoughts and he said no. It could be all part of the conspiracy, but it isn’t.

My personal opinion is that the brain is so goddamn powerful that it is able to take all your experiences and know exactly what to do to make you think whatever it is your paranoid about is true. Lemme know if you wanna talk, I get the same delusions and hallucinations.


It’s hard to know what to say without more details, although I know many people here can relate to these types of thoughts and feelings. Other people saying and doing things they have no business saying and doing, like an animal that knows too much.

It might help you in those situations to just come clean about your thoughts to that person, given that it doesn’t escalate. haha. If that person then gives you a blank look like “what the ■■■■ did i just hear”, well you might can safely assume it’s in your head. I know you feel like it’s not and that you know the difference. I think that as well, but the hard truth is that you probably don’t?

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Haha indeed 15 chars

Yeah, though I like to take the subtle approach. I try not to say things that are too crazy to other people, makes life a lot easier.

Same here. I’ve moved on from alot of craziness. It’s when things settle and are at peace I run into these weird happenings.

■■■■ what people say though

Maybe u should go on anti psychotics

Like I could have the same nasty feedback and do.

Personifying them or thinking they are coming from someone or a outside force is delusional, not a sound power of mind.
Anasologia/knowing that one is ill or has a illness.

For me I simply think this is all a misque of sound, that’s what I take it as if I was take to take it for something.

When it comes to those intense feelings of telepathy or thought reading.

If you already know the silliness of the idea and it really has no thought to it but can’t stop it,
I mean I can’t even stop that but insight it the matter doesn’t have not any sound to it.,
You just have to ride the good and bad waves with it,
Another mess and cleaning up you got to do and go through with, we all do the working, messing and cleaning up in one way or another, sane sz etc

Best of luck man hope you are ok and doing well.

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