How would you feel/react to this situation?

If you went to a doctors appointment but they were running really late so you have to sit in the waiting room for ages and things aren’t going to plan?

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I get reception to call me when the doctors free and sit somewhere close by thats more peaceful like my car. I have a good relationship with my doctor so outlining this to her in an appointment means she can talk to reception about it.


Anything over a hour, I would let then know I am not waiting any longer and leave

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I would try to remain serene as best I could.


Things don’t always go as planned in life, so you have to adapt. Don’t take it personally, for you don’t know what caused your doctor to run behind schedule. He may have had an emergency page to go to the hospital for one of his inpatients.

You have to remember that you need your doctor more than he needs you. Your mission is to see him and get your scripts. Thus if you leave his office before seeing him you’re not going to get what you need.


I wanted to just walk out and leave but my dad wouldn’t let me.

So I discreetly started crying into my hand but from the side it just looked like I was bored and resting my head.

There were people in there thinking about me and making fun of me in my head. It was uncomfortable.

Good question!! I know that CCTV is fitted on the outside wall of pdoc chamber. So keep quiet otherwise your doze sure up.

Once I’ve waited over three hours at a dr’s office just to get help. If I’m desperate I’ll wait as long as I have to, even if it’s upsetting.

I would wait because I understand how busy he is. If it is more than an hour late, I would ask the reason from the secretary and find out how long I should wait.

I’d wait it out. One time my nurse was 30 minutes late and all I did during that time was watch YouTube music videos.

Frustrated but that’s a very very common scenario so I wouldn’t be surprised. Whenever I go to any kind of doctor I bring something to do in case I have to wait a while.

I would enjoy the sanctidy of a mental clinic.

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Think I’d just wait as long as I could, or reschedule it another day if they were that far behind.
I’ve waited over an hour and a half one time, then figured they weren’t coming at all, so I drove the 45 minutes back home.
The next day the pdoc called and apologized, saying she forgot, and could I come in in a few days?
I declined and told her lets make it in another month.

I had a family Doctor who made me wait for an hour one appointment.

I walked out. Then I re-booked and he made me wait for another 45 minutes this time.

So I walked out, and never saw him again. Switched my files and everything to a new Doctor.

Treat me with disrespect, and I’m gone. I have no patience for that.

I don’t mind waiting, my time isn’t precious. :slight_smile:

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If it becomes regular I find another doctor. If they can’t respect your time, can they respect you in general? Once every once in awhile for an emergency is different and understandable.

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I would plan for this type of thing and bring a book and a big bottle of water along with me to the appointment. If it happens all the time, find another doctor.

I go to the V.A. so, I can’t just switch doctors. So, I just bring a book and water with me and wait.

My doctor is great but he’s always late. He does a private hospital in the mornings and usually doesn’t start at his suites till 11am or so. It’s not uncommon to wait a long time but he’s worth it. He really is top shelf and seeing it’s all charged to the government I don’t have to pay.

You just get used to it! It’s a small price to pay for decent treatment in my book!


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