How well does your pills work?

How knockout do you feel after you take them? How often do you take them? Do you just take them so the government will pay the H/salary for being schizophrenic? If the voices weren’t there would you be taking them? What if most of the famous people in the world we just as schizophrenic as you, what would you think of that?

Mine work super well although I am a bit sedated and overweight.

No way would I stop them if everyone in the world was sz or if it was just to get disability as they make my perception clear and make me myself.

Would you stop them?

I saw a minute of your video and I’m here to tell you that you wont go far on this website.

Meds saved my life.

The voices I hear aren’t real people.

The demons I saw do not exist.

You exist however, and for the susceptible minds you do more harm than good.



Yeah the YouTube video you link to doesn’t seem very decent.


No pill worked. Lots of them made me nonfunctional without stoping any voice. Wasn’t able to lose the weight i was putting on. What if i told you, you go through your hardship because other people that are schizophrenic are putting you through it? What if i told you most of the world is schizophrenic?

I only need people to read the first line. It doesn’t matter if i go far with the web site. I am planing on starting fund for a lawyer that will represent us in a law suit.

Sorry but you’re wrong. But from what else you say

It sounds like maybe you are treatment resistant to an extent and/or had a rough time with certain meds. (I had a bad time with Zyprexa but so far Latuda is going well.) So I’m sorry if you’ve had a rough time of it, finding the right treatment plan is not a fast and simple journey for a lot of people.

Man, you sound delusional. I’m sorry meds didn’t work for you, there are plenty out there, you might not found the right one. Meds work for me and I assure you most of the world is not sz.

I only need you to read the first line of the video. Its the truth of what schizophrenia is. How are you all able to see the video. This site gave me ■■■■ and kicked me off of it until i said to them “enjoy your pay checks for now” after which they messages me to let me know my account was still active

Also I’ve been through my own anti-med phases when I was scared and angry and having a bad time, so I know how it can feel. But I’ve started getting a bit better on Latuda, my mind is crisper and clearer and I’m gradually doing a little better. So I’m glad there were people who encouraged me to chin up and keep trying.

Sorry no i am not. I know the truth of what schizophrenia is. I will always suffer more then you guys because of who i am. But hey that doesn’t mean i can shine the light to you guys. Bring you all out of that of that way of thinking you were all brainwashed into thinking

So far they work terrible…i guess they are basicly tranquilizers anyway so in that view they work famously…i take em twice a day…i dont receive money for my disability…i def wouldnt take these meds if i didnt hear and see things…if alot of famous people had it there would be a bigger push in funding understanding and drive to fix it so i would be happy about that part but i wish this on no one…

What do you see flameofthehine? I see lots of ■■■■. And yes they are pretty much tranquilizers. The famous people use schizophrenia and people to get big a** pay checks. There is no need or want for them to want more funding.


Schizophrenia is a mental illness.

drops mic

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Yes it is? What does your doctor tell you it is. When i used to see one i knew more ■■■■ them him

It’s a no brainer on why I take them. I can’t live with full blown psychosis. I have also accepted that my depression, unwanted OCD like thoughts, and anxiety are serious enough to take them. I would love to not take my pills and gain a more modest amount of weight on the wrong foods like normal people. My pills work well now but they haven’t always done so. The most important thing that I learned was that in my case my voices could not be completely eliminated. Then I realized I had to cope with it and accepted life better.

u have to take them for a couple of months in order for it to work. the voices and paranoid delusions finally disappeared after a year… then they reduce ur meds when ur better.

I have to many people in my head for that. Thanks for sharing.

I’m not on meds, but I would never tell other people to stop what they’re doing. I will never understand why so many humans try to “one-up” or directly undermine others. If you are in a place that works for you, then be happy and go your way, but don’t play with other people’s recovery as if you have any stake in their lives. Having said that, it’s obvious you’re on the wrong track if you believe everyone has schizophrenia. You’re delusional (even I can see that) and you need help. This forum is a sanctuary. Don’t come crashing in like a bull in a china shop, without any real regard for others.