How well do you manage the inevitable pain?

I have been told that my life will inevitably be very painful, yet that I manage the pain remarkably well. I think I would be vain enough to agree, I am in my “coffee and meds and trying not to throw up” routine right now and it’s pretty painful, also emotionally painful because I never wanted to be like this and am stuck with this.

We all feel pain and suffer- that’s schizophrenia. How do you cope?

I’m curious. I cope mainly my finding other kinds of pain. Unorthodox yet is it really bad? I also cope by finding things to occupy my mind. I joined a free thinkers club at school and it’s really thought-provoking, for example. I study very seriously and take notes like I’m insane (well practically insane not legally).

To cope with the pain I distract myself with books, movies and lots of music. I try to keep a positive attitude and my sense of humor.

On those really bad days I just crawl into bed.


It’s true there is a lot of pain involved in my life… but I think I try to buffer myself against it so it’s not as painful…

As far as emotional pain… that’s hard to avoid… but I can let go of it… find other things to heal that pain. I look at the pain… separate from it… make it smaller and try to cast it out… once the damage is done… it shrinks with healing.

For your and the stomach thing… always throwing up… have you been tested for ulcers or other stomach problems? Stress does trigger ulcers…

Nah I haven’t been tested for ulcers and stuff. I will probably be referred to a specialist today.

liberty makes me feel well, my freedom of choice can induce me sometimes leading to high feeling

Glad to hear it…

not being able to hold things down… that’s a biggie…

My sis went through that… didn’t get help… ended up vomiting up blood… had ulcers… needed more serious help…

Reading and fitness, when that doesn’t work I drink,i guess that explains my current state of health, I’ve read maybe hundreds of books and lifted weights until I maybe can’t do it anymore.

i beat problems by solving them

Hundreds of books? I believe you. Ever thought of going to university? The passion for knowledge can get you somewhere you may have never thought about.

Yeah I can appreciate that mayn but im 40 yrs dead so that kinda optimism Is for younger dudes.

I’ve had paranoid schizophrenia for 35 years. I’m just used to it. Distractions help. Doing activities that take the focus off of my schizophrenia help. Getting out helps. Being with family helps. Naps help, lol. I’ll admit, sometimes nothing helps and it’s just a matter of enduring and surviving. You just go through the pain and feel it and an hour or two later I am OK and I find myself driving through McDonalds for a large diet Coke wondering what all the fuss was about and what the heck was I so worried about a couple of hours ago. And life goes on until the next time.


The acid and caffeine in coffee can irratate your stomach.

I really enjoy naps,actually I yhink that im sleep disorder like, so ill sleep for 30 mins to hour then wake right up again.

humour… :smiley:
and on a bad day… the biggest cupcake :cake: in the world !?!
take care :alien:

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Yeah like darksith said, humor.

I have a breakdown every one or two weeks because of the pain. That’s my time to shed manly tears and let out some of the tension that’s part of this illness.

I put on a happy face but really I’m in incredible pain. And thats not bad, because its better than slumping around and dragging errbody down.