How well do you function?

How well are you functioning? I’m ok with positive symptoms. Don’t suffer from positive symptoms like hallusinations, paranoia and dellusions. But I find it hardto motivate myself to do stuff like have a shower. I find it hard to focus to read books and watch tv. How about you?

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I am really high functioning. I rarely go outside and when I do I have trouble. But inside my house, the people I’m comfortable being around can’t tell a difference. It’s not that I don’t have any trouble but I’m able to sublimate it fairly effectively. It does help I was always pretty out there.

I used to be in that stage a few years ago. After I switched to a different med I’ve gotten much better and no longer have trouble taking shower or reading. But since I’m living alone, there was no one complaining to me. When I was living with my mother, she was constantly interfering with me which was a nightmare.


Which medication are you on bananatto?

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Now on Ronasen,

I was on Abilify before

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I function relatively well. My depression is what really cripples me.

I’ve had trouble with depression since pdoc put me on Luvox and it’s getting worse

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That’s not good have you told your pdoc??

I hope you can feel better soon :heart:

Thank you. No I haven’t told my pdoc recently. I told him a while back when the Luvox was building up in my body so the depression wasn’t as bad. I think he told me Luvox doesn’t cause depression. But I noticed that when I go off it for a day I’m less inclined to lie in bed all day.


I’d definitely let him know! Maybe it’s just not the right drug for you??


I still have hallucinations but less than before. Lots of depresssion. No motivation.

Concentration is 5 to 30 minutes at a time for reading, movies, and activies too.

I used to be able to do small equations in my head. Now I have concentrate to add 2 numbers together. This, what ever it is, did some real damage to me.

I could only give myself a 3 out of 10 right now.


I hope you get better Macee.

Well, I’m currently jobless and not going to school. Still can’t drive. I can’t handle conflict, like, at all. I start crying uncontrollably if my bf and I even disagree enough. I’m usually suicidal to at least some degree nightly. All in all, not faring well.


Right now, I am high functioning except for thinking there are snipers watching the back of my house. I know that I am being paranoid, but I can’t help but feel like they are there, so I avoid going past the windows at the rear of the house at night. My husband is home with me at night, which helps a lot with the demons and the men who break into the house. Otherwise, I am going to bed at a relatively decent hour, waking up before noon, cleaning and doing laundry, showering, going out of the house by myself to run chores, etc. I am really happy right now. I think I am going through a hypomanic phase, though, so that is probably why I am doing so well. I hope it lasts. I like what I’m doing right now. I feel like I’m being a better person and am not so useless.


I had to do a two and a half hour test with a neurophysiologist this past January. This was on the tail end of a study I was in. It’s the same type of test they give people who have had brain injuries to assess brain function. I came out at the 91st percentile overall, which they told me was exceptional. I apparently function better than most neurotypicals, let alone most SZs.

The most surprising thing to me is that my short-term memory came out at the 89th percentile. I’ve been convinced for years that it’s horrible because I never remember to shower. I mean I’ve been scheduling reminders in my devices for this. And pills. I was told that this is because I’m one of those people who is always working over the big picture in my head and I discard unimportant details.

Kind of blew my mind, to be honest. There’s nothing like spending a quarter century thinking you’re brain damaged and then finding out you’re the opposite.

All that being said, the crazee moves back into my head if I stop taking meds. Gotta stay on meds. Don’t need that crap back in my life.

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my functioning is wildly variable depending on the situation and my mood. off medicine i was starting to function poorly, getting too paranoid to feel comfortable outside of my little bubble and constantly shirking my responsibilities and hurting myself, but im much better know, just have to deal with mood swings and emotional issues

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