How was your studytime?

I remember mine Was
Strange people
Got depressed
Decent grades
Did drugs
And some loveaffairs

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It makes me think of college. High school, I was too much of a dope to be paying attention. I was always fairly intelligent, I just did not apply myself because I was too busy getting stoned LOL

In college, I worked three part-time jobs and went to college full time for 2 years… I wouldn’t do it again, but I’m proud of myself for managing to accomplish that

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I loved studying as I was getting 90+% grades in most courses. But since sz I feel that I lost a bit of intelligence, maybe its from meds causing cognitive symptoms idk or maybe its the sz. I finished university and got my degree while on Abilify but wasn’t able to keep a job for more than a month.

I can get another degree in university again but my family, friends and me think its a waste of money and time as I can’t even work at simple jobs since being on Risperdal. I had other issues caused by Abilify like addictions and I think without them I would have been able to work. So maybe if I get on Vraylar I will be able to work with my physiotherapy degree.


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