How was your day? 🙃

I can not play sims. It is sooooo last decade. :slight_smile:

I finished cleaning, gonna shower later, brush my teeth.
I am not working much.

I am also depressed.

I just feel completely flat I guess. which is horrible. I slept most of the morning and now having some misunderstanding with a client. She wants to add 20" picture on her website. :unamused:

What about you?
I have doctor and therapy tomorrow.

I am starting to think of ways to end my life in a very easy way.

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Don’t end your life!

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Oh, man, the sims were my life when I was psychotic.

Love it.

Today has been pretty terrible.

I have done nothing productive and have eaten everything in my house.

Now I’m fatter, and super stoned, and too lazy to even sit up and type this.

That’s right, I’m currently laying down…

However I have been posting my favorite comics to the forum and it seems like at least one person likes them,

So I’m pretty happy about that.

I’m not sure if I actually know anyone else that has ever liked them.

Anyway, back to you,

You’ve been really down in all of your posts as of recent.

I think you’re just having a really hard time, and its understandable.

You can’t just let your mind pull you into the dark,

Keep fighting.

And go watch my videos woman!

Or watch anything funny,

Keep yourself distracted until you can pull yourself out of this funk.


Today I buried my 19.5 year old kitty. I’m sad, but it was her time.


I am sorry :crying_cat_face: Cats are the cutest… I am sure your cat is in cat heaven right now, catching mice and eating tuna


My day is going good :slight_smile: unproductive, but good.

@mermaid1 stay alive my friend. You’re extremely talented and intelligent. I always enjoy your threads.

Take care :heart:


I’m so sorry.

She had a very long life!

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I am sorry @Csummers :heart:


Remember this will pass…depression never lasts though it can be easy to forget that when you’re not doing well. Also remember even small irritations can be blown out of proportion when you’re depressed so don’t let something like an annoying client make you feel like not wanting to live anymore, your life is worth more than that…


Awwww I’m so sorry @Csummers

Take care, remember the good times you had with your kitty.


Sounds like you’re having a bad day. That’s all it is. Tomorrow will hopefully be better. This all started because of that silly argument you guys had.

Once you’ve had a good night’s sleep you’ll be able to see things more clearly in the morning.


I am so sorry. I lost my 19 year old cat four years ago and it’s the hardest thing I’ve ever been through.

Sending waves of peace and comfort to you.


You seem to be really doing well lately, @Anna! What’s happened to you that’s made you change?

Well I was busy all day yesterday and have been busy all day today so I haven’t had time to think. When I don’t have time to think I’m much more stable. Demons have been harassing me a bit today but I have things to focus on to distract me.

My pdoc appointment got pushed back until next week so I have to fight to keep myself completely occupied like this until then. I’ve just gotten through a LOT of depressive episodes before so I know the basic process to deal with them and how they tend to work.


I’m sorry I didn’t respond to you, I hope you can find hope to stay alive. I really like reading your posts and your pictures, I’m just depressed too so I haven’t responded much.
I like you a lot, and hope you will never take your own life, you are much too valuable and a friend to many.
Please hang on to life, all things change, you will find life good again.


Sorry you’re not feeling well, Selene. Please take good care of yourself. I hope your appointments go well tomorrow. I enjoy reading your posts and want to see you do well. :slight_smile:


I agree and wish you well.

Your life iis precious.:two_hearts:


I got some groceries and I was able to talk to an online friend I haven’t heard much from in a while. We went back and forth with pm’s pretty rapidly. I’m a little afraid that the way I said something may have offended her-not in a creepy or pervy way but in a stupid insensitive way.

I don’t know if I should pm an apology because then if she didn’t take it that way, that interpretation might occur to her or she might think I’m being weird.


Had my supervision this morning, which went well.

Sat in a coffee shop with my non academic tutor to give her my assignment dates for next year, although I’ve not started yet.

Held a peer support group this afternoon.

Came home and fell asleep, got up had a bath and something to eat.

Now I’m back in bed, medicated and trying to fall asleep!