How was your day? Gotta go soon

Internet turns off soon for me so tell me about your day.

Meh. Kind of a shite day.

I’m tired though so that’s good. Gonna get some zzzs on my couch.

Im kind of stuck on the “evil” face made of the tree i saw last night.

And i want out of here.

No easy ways out though eh? They made sure of that.

It’s 6 a.m. here…

yesterday was a weird day… hot and rainy. Odd for Seattle.

I’ve been sleeping really early and waking up before the sun. I had 3 cups of coffee then went for a long walk. I stopped by the pharmacy, ordered meds for 6 weeks vacation :airplane: then I went and bought some fruits, new lipstick :lipstick:
I also finished all of my pending projects. Now it’s 12:00 pm and I’m almost out of stuff to do and my apartment is clean. I could go to the pool, there’s one near my house but I simply don’t have interest :unamused:

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Have you ever thought it was just pareidolia? Your schizophrenic brain is adding meaning to it and causing you to experience emotion. It’s just random noise.

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I feel overstimulated. Had 4 cups of coffee and an energy drink. Going to watch some videos about consciousness instead of working on my finance class today.

how about you? how has your day been? :grapes:

Its been good, I met a baby and she didn’t want me to hold her, but its chill :stuck_out_tongue:

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i am going too the pub tomorrow with a friend

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Irish pubs… ive always had a fantasy about cracking jokes with friends while sipping beer in one of those.


irish pubs are fun

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