How was your break?

What did you all do during the downtime?

Kept hitting refresh.


Man thank god that’s over…

I walked even more

Baked a cake and ate half of it. And hit refresh a lot too

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I was doing everything that I don’t do when forum’s up.

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I have a credit card now :grimacing: (fuck you amazon)

and I really can’t even remember… I learned about wheel and tire specifications… among other things

Bluetooth 4.0 will work in usb 2.0 ports

Had a lot of cigarette cravings as well… liek some level of satisfaction was missing

i lost 8 euro this morning playing roulette

I was asleep…

Lucky you… I spent 11 hours pulling my hair out

It was night time. You should have slept sosy

So sorry sampy sleep sometimes slips

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Oh, I tried coming on every hour or so.

there was no break down under…in kangaroo land… :earth_asia:
" what’s that Skippy…the forum was down ! "
" quick to my spaceship " ::rocket:
" no, Skippy you can’t pilot the craft !?! "
take care :alien:

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Cleaned my place, wondered why the system is down, and of course, ate blueberries :sunny:

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