How was you day or night?

i am fine today have motivation to play game…


Mine was fine, thank you :slight_smile:
I had a visit from a friend, we ate pizza and played Counterstrike.
Then he left becuase he was feeling sick, and I killed some time before making a delicious pasta salad :smiley:

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We’re just sitting down to lunch, but so far my day is alright. It rained pretty hard this morning, so I think after naptime we’ll go out and jump in puddles. Should be fun.

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do you play global offensive ?

No, I play Counterstrike 1.6

counterstrike is sick game, how many frags do you get ?

Erh… What’s a frag?
When we play, it’s just me and him. We’re not very good, especially not me :sweat_smile:
Plus, when we try to play on servers, we end up with crazy Russians and/or Eastern Europeans who are either too good for us to have a chance, or accuses us of hacking when we do win.

FRAG verb. slang used by computer game players to describe the act of defeating another player.

try playing global offensive i think is more fun its newer and cost not so much i think 13 euros on steam

how do you play do you have two pcs? or he brought his laptop to your home

My night was lousy. I was up all last night reading. Again. I slept all morning. I’m reading a really cool book called, “A Street Cat Named Bob (And How He Saved My Life)”, by James Bowen. It’s the cutest book I’ve ever read.

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We play on our laptops, or if he’s at my place, I play on his laptop and he plays on my computer :stuck_out_tongue:

thats cool i would love to have friends to play on laptops together…i need to manifest it

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