How was my aunt commited to mental hospitals

My aunt had sz. She died in 2007. They commited her to the mental hospitals after she had written letters to the office of the President of Finland decades ago. They from the office of Kekkonen, the longest lasting President of Finland, had contacted her mother for commiting her to the psychological treatment after these letters. She spent most of her years in mental hospitals and closed units. I visited her in the 2000s few times with my father whom I took once to the psych ward, when he, my father, was psychotic. When I arrived at Finland and my little town from my 13-year America and world journey in 2002, I read some documents pertaining to this matter of my aunt. Somehow my sz aunt liked Putin and was very happy when he was elected. Nowadays people around the world write all kinds of things to their Presidents, Kings and Queens, thanks to the Internet.

Mjseu, were they threatening letters? Just curious what time frame this was in too.

I do not know what she wrote, but they figured that she was sz. This was in the 1960s or so. She died in 2007.

Treatment for sz was certainly not the best back in the '60’s. She was probably in the best place for her at the time.

I do have to disagree with her about Putin though, lol.

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Maybe it was the best for her then, she was very intelligent, but became ill. Her son has achieved a lot in his life, although he has not gone to many formal schools. I think Putin has been good for Russians and the economy of Russia has risen from its failed economy since 1999. Many countries have benefited from this including America, Finland, Germany and others. Of course, they have a little problem in Crimea today, but my perception is that Russia wants it back after it was freely given away to Ukraine during the Soviet times by Krutschew. I would love to visit Crimea and Odessa one day. I read about these when I studied Russian when I was 14-15 years old.