How varied is your diet?

I can’t really be bothered cooking just for myself so I usually buy ready meals or pies.

Today I’m having a Linda mc cartneys country vegan pie with beans for dinner.

The beans are frozen because that’s the cheapest.

For breakfast I have Muslim and coffee.

For lunch I had fruit salad when my mum was visiting but I’m thinking if it’s too expensive for me to buy and if I can be fussed chopping it all up every day.

Yesterday I had a vegan protein smoothie for lunch with protein powder,banana, date, peanut butter and soy milk .

I think that’s cheaper than fruit salad and easier to make.

I miss luxurious fruit salad though swerved with coconut yoghurt.

For dinner is usually vegan pie with beans or vegan ready meal or vegan sausages with potato or vegan pizza .

Most days something I can just put in the oven.

Sometimes I eat bread but my stomach doesn’t react well to bread and I think it makes me gain weight but I’m a sucker for bread.

I take vegan supplements with dinner.

I might get to eat lunch out on Friday and may buy a vegan burger with chips and next time a vegan that cafe.

I love food and gained eight kg the last year.since I became vegan.

Some Friday’s I get a vegan ice cream for dessert.


My diet is fairly diverse.
The groceries I buy are partially based on what’s on sale at the 2-3 stores I go to.
So fresh fruits/veges in season and whatever meat is on sale.
My GF is vegetarian, so I only eat meat as a main dish every once in a while. Most lunch meat or bits of it in frozen meals every once in a while.


mainly eat meat like steaks and schnitzels, chops. don’t eat veg but i should. don’t eat fruit either

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nar don’t eat bread at all. i

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my diet is abominable

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My diet isn’t too bad. I must be doing something right with the black beans and brown rice I make in my Instant Pot as my good cholesterol is high and the bad is low. I don’t eat much fruit but I love veggies and usually have a good protein intake.

I should probably walk more but it’s winter so maybe not so much.


Day 1- oatmeal in the morning with berries and multi-vitmin herb mix. 2 cans tuna bread no mayo. some beans with rice and salsa or desired seasoning. protein powder.
Day 2- oatmeal blah blah blah, 1 can tuna or salmon with mayo, some granola bars and a few peanuts.
Day 3- oatmeal blah blah blah, no tuna, granola bars alot of peanuts, avacodo and shot of olive oil.
It’s called carb cycling to lose weight without extensive cardio.
The idea is to go from having high intake carb low fat, too low intake carb high fat. Carb cycling gets the metabolism going so it burns fat. We’ll see how it goes


sound interesting. good luck and let us know how it goes. and welcome to the forum. :grinning:

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@FRANKLIN888 Welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

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