How to watch anime or read manga

How to start doing that

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You… watch or read it. It isn’t hard.

I suggest Attack on Titan, Full Metal Alchemist, or Sweet Home. Sweet Home can be found on Line Webtoon app.


what about manga? which one i read to be master manga

There’s no such thing as a master manga. You just read and enjoy.

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Go to a local bookstore and pick one that had a number one on it. Start there.

There’s an app called crunchyroll that is free and has a lot of anime.

I think it helps to remember its just a (sub)genre of media and not like a collection that someone has made.

Look through some recommended lists, and read what takes your fancy.

Theres so much out there that it might take a while to find something you like.

I personally find I don’t like most anime, but I enjoyed the hell out of Cowboy Bebop and Attack On Titan. Baccano was also good.

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