How to use slang in our vocabulary

I need to know how I can use slang and urban vocabulary in my wording. Oh and how to do it, actually I need to know how to do it more than anything

What kind of slang? What’s the context?

I guess what I’m asking is why you need to use slang.

British or American slang?

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American slang since I live in america… I went searching on the internet and it told me to get a book of modern or contemporary literature and try and practice using their words.

You shouldn’t use slang if it’s not natural for you.
If you want to sound more mainstream, watch tv shows and youtube videos with the people you want to sound like. Learn the right context and practice using the slang terms in a natural way, but try not to force it.

Oh and I don’t know your demographic, but try to stay withing yours.
For an example, if you’re 45, it wouldn’t seem natural for you to say things like “it’s lit fam” :sweat_smile:


No but it DOES make my teenager cringe which causes me endless amusement.

But yeah, doesn’t sound natural in conversation for me.


If you have a country full of native speakers around, I think conversations with them would be the first place to pick it up.

I cant do slang myself in English though, only the type of English i was taught in school. And even in my own language i speak rather “clean” (dont know how to say that), not with a lot of slang.

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wanker hahahahaha no filter can stop me saying that. @Mods better google it and decide if it needs adding to the swear words list like ■■■■


Edit: Wanker is a derogatory way of saying someone masturbates, and it’s not kind but some ‘guys’ can use it as a term of endearment if they know the person and just insulting each other like friends do over a beer

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Dudette (fem of dude) and Wizardball are my favs… long story lol

Neither of them are particularly popular, just an inside joke

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After awhile and you get up and you’re spitting teeth out, tell him, “Hey bro, just keepin it real, you ugly motherf.”;&@$”.

Hmm actually I think its really cool that an older person talks good using these skills

Slang isn’t necessarily a sign of language comprehension.

If someone talks out of their demographic, it seems unnatural like they’re trying too hard.
Like those old guys who claim to be “hip with the youth”.
Or those skinny white boys who talk like they’re african-american rappers.

LS! I own a Slang dictionary by Jonathon Green. Cassel´s dictionary of Slang, more than 1300 pages. Maybe you can study that.

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