How to turn small talk into smart conversation

I know I need this.

ETA: Pearl Harbor was a real thing. It isn’t like the moon landing.

Okay, this was not as good as I’d thought it would be, but you get the general idea.


Got some good ideas from it - thanks!

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Thank you for this. I’ve gotten some ideas. Don’t know when I’ll try them, but I’ve copied the link.

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I like this one

"“If you could teleport by blinking your eyes, where would you go right now?”

The thing is I have actually experienced teleportation when I blinked my eyes. In fact I got annoyed with whoever was doing the teleporting because I kept getting teleported back to the bottom of a hill I had to keep going back up…maybe it was some sort of exercise regimen…

Another good question would be “So, have you spotted any UFOs lately?” Or “Have you ever seen a UFO or been abducted by aliens?” Agent Mulder asked such questions in X Files.

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Who’s the other one? Scully?

Yes. I watched some reruns on vacation a while ago.

Did you know that Scully “came out” not too long ago? Just saying because I was really surprised.

I didn’t know that. Good for her.

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Dana Scully came out on what? Never mind, I just googled it… great, she cheated on Mulder…but at least it was with a girl…LOL… Actually Gillian Anderson came out… Scully is still Scully…
Scully originally doubted the UFO and alien phenomenon and gradually came to believe through undeniable experiences…
In real life she does believe in alien life but in a more conservative way, like there must be something out there, and it’s egocentric of us to think we are the only ones in the universe…

Funny, we just proved this topic on how to change small talk into smart convo…

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