How to treat depression

I have schizoaffective bipolar type and am currently in a depressive phase. I have felt like I’ve tried everything. I don’t think my psychiatrist wants to prescribe anything that would alter my hormone levels and wants more blood work done to confirm higher testosterone. I am not sure that always works, and might complicate things more.

I’ve taken Abilify for years and it helps to a degree but not enough to truly balance me. If I could find something to work better it would prevent more episodes from occurring. Every year I have at least 3 major manic episodes or something, thats what my dad told me. If I go to the Er they usually have no idea whats going on, think Im doing it for attention or ignore me. Usually they dont treat anything because they dont see me as sick enough or dangerous.

I had a panic attack, depersonalization, my heart rate was above 120 and my EKG didnt show anything but it was a barely straight line i thought normal EKGs show activity and I told them i have a history of heart failure, COPD and sleep apnea. I think they gave me something with a Z that melts under your mouth, I finally started feeling better when I used the oxygen. I was sweating and having serious pain.

I think Im getting worse. I cant maintain a logical thought pattern without constantly reminding myself or leaning on the outside. I feel like all I am is the world looking at itself from the inside out.


Have you tried mood stabilizers? SSRIs can work too but with mania it’s risky. For panic you need something like a benzo but only take it when you have panic attacks. BuSpar has been effective in eliminating my panic attacks. I take that with hydroxyzine daily.


I don’t understand why they haven’t put you on a mood stabilizer.


Can you make an appointment to request a mood stabilizer? Or can you try a different pdoc?

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Thank you for the idea. @mars I can’t take buspar or wellbutrine because SNRI and SSRi both have too much side effects on me. I looked up first generation mood stabilizers. I can see my psychiatrist on Monday and I will try to bring up the subject.

I’ve never been prescribed a first generation mood stabilizer; although one doctor
suggested Lithium. I was recently prescribed buspar but it didnt work at all for me. It made me spacey but the ear ringing is really the worst of it.

Yeah that makes sense, some mood stabilizers are anti-epileptic. For a brief time when I was in college I was diagnosed with epilepsy. I was diagnosed with adhd, and found vyvanse was helpful for some reason too.

Perhaps the right mood stabilizer with abilify will be a sudden game changer.


I take Depakote it’s an anti-epileptic used for bipolar. If you end up on these meds just watch out for the rash if you get it stop immediately.


I can relate and was diagnosed with SZA for years before they settled that I was schizotypal. I had more mood swings on abilify than on my current dose of Olanzapine (10 mg). Take care when it comes to Lithium, it’s hard for the thyroid gland and can cause hypothyroidism (i did not improve on lithium but developed hypothyroidism because of lithium).

Good luck, depression sucks.


Ok. That might be why I wasn’t put on them then, It would signal Im allergic to certain mood stabilizers or at least the derivative of Lamotrigine. I got the deadly rash on it before they knew it was life threatening and ever since then its been suggested I write that Im allergic to lamictal.

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I think I am going to try Depakote. I hope it works and my insurance covers it. I will ask on Monday if I can start that.


Antidepressants work by increasing neurotransmitters in the brain to improve mood and emotion

Mood stabilizers decrease activity to even out your mood

Thats from googled

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I think waking up early and sleeping early, eating healthy, being with friends or family, doing something you enjoy, feeling safe and at peace, being close to nature, don’t be around negative people if you can help it, praying, smiling and or laughing

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