How to tell real noise?

Is there a way to reality check voices when you are alone? I have been having issues hearing people talk who say they weren’t there/talking. I am suspicious still though. How do you reality check voices when your alone?

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You make a recording with a phone and then see if the message is real or not.


Thanks for responding, that really cool of you. And I will definitely start to do that. I remember doing the recording a long time ago when I was at my worst and it seemed to work at finding reality…or unreality. It totally didn’t cross my mind to do this nowadays, I have forgotten this tool so thanks for reminding to use it. I appreciate your input and appreciate your help. Sometime I just get lost? Or frantic about what going on and it feels everytime like it’s the first time and I forget all the years I have been dealing with this. Like all the years get pulled from my memory bank and I’m here and its brand new all the time. Anyways much love to you form me :slightly_smiling_face: and thank you again.

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Phone is very helpful. You’re not alone. :hugs:

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