How to tell if you're over-medicated?

I’m wondering if I’m maybe just taking too much medicine. I’m torn because I’m on the minimum that takes away pretty much all my symptoms, but being on this much feels like it’s killing my will to survive.

Can you be over-medicated and still be in a low enough dose to get breakthrough symptoms?

I’m on 10 mg oral haldol/day and 100 mg haldol decanoate every 4 weeks.

I think I am doing way, way better on high doses of medication.

I feel finally I am doing well right now, after 3 years of struggle.

I am taking 120 mg Geodon
10 mg Lexapro
300 mg Wellbutrin
1000 mg L-Theanine
B Complex
Vitamin D
600 mg Nac (sometimes)

I am still wondering if I’d do better if I take 5 more mg of Lexapro. But I feel fine for now.


Why do u only take nac 600mg sometimes? I do the same thing and its due to the side-effects of nac.

You still have breakthrough symptoms?

I do sometimes, but i feel completely numb and stupid and zombified all the time, too.

I feel the same all the time. Because I am over medicated too.

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I’m not on that much medication but I still feel like a zombie.
I really don’t know what to do.


I felt spaced out on 15mg abilify. It’s better on lower doses but still there enough to affect my activity levels.


I have to eat well to take it, and most of the time, I have small snacks.

I am usually eating well at night only bc I have to take my medication, so if I don’t forget, I also take Nac.

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I was on the minimum theraputic dose of abilify for years and felt like I was being tortured but stable. When it was increased to 15mg I no longer felt that I was being tortured.

So… Sometimes you can be under medicated.


How did you feel tortured?

It’s difficult to describe. Just mental torture. Like some days I’d feel like I’d been punched in the head. My thinking was slightly out of whack compared to now too.

In my opinion any dose which leaves you dysfunctional is being over-medicated…what point is there to stay on a med if you cannot function or have a life either way…

You’ve got to keep fighting to find a med combo that helps far more than it hurts. Also yes you can be overmedicated & still have breakthrough symptoms, like if a med just wasn’t very effective for you but the docs kept raising doses so they were extremely high. That can become bad for your health. A good doctor should know when it’s time to try a different med, or add on something to supplement at least…

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I guess I’m just not sure what is left to try besides thorazine. When I started the haldol it was a last ditch effort.

Did u ever try clozapine

I have. I can’t take atypicals because they cause me to gain weight stupid fast. Saphris was the worst at 100 lbs in 6 months. I was 95 lbs when I was diagnosed and now I’m over 250 lbs even though I restrict calories, so it’s not that I just shove food in my face all day. They really ■■■■ me up. Plus none of them have really helped all that much. The saphris was the best, but I just couldn’t justify that amount of weight gain. I’m pissed I let it get as bad as it did.


I don’t even know what it feels like to be unmedicated anymore. I’m thinking about stopping soon just to find out.

That’s a really bad idea.

Curiosity killed the cat.

I’m upset that I let my weight get out of control too if only I had known or considered how hard it could be to lose weight on aps.

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