How to tell if I really have so schizophrenia

People are seeing me somehow, but I don’t understand how they could. Idk if there could be a hidden camera small enough to be implanted in my body to show my outside, and how there could be a camera that can be implanted and last over 3 years. Help people. Help me rationalize this please.


See psychiatrists over a minimum period of time. If you’re showing the right symptoms they’ll diagnose you and then you know.

I’ve been seeing a pdoc for almost 3 years and she diagnosed me with schizo affective. But I believe since the country is watching me, she is trying to just keep me in the dark. I think everyone is trying to keep me in the dark.

It’s a little embarrassing but I suffered this in 2012 when I was in a terrible psychosis. I believed in the same stuff you do now. I was racking my brain and one thing I really suspected was that when I went to my preliminary appt for a potential colonoscopy the doctor implanted an anal probe.

Also I had LASIK in 2007 (the results fade so I don’t recommend it anymore).

But I was racking my brain like I mentioned and thought they somehow through light particles put cameras in my eyes just so ‘evil doers’ knew where I was looking and or had my perspective at all times.

Congratulations, you have SZA. Now you know. Suggest you work with your treatment providers rather than continually winding up your symptoms like you normally do if you want to recover.


Have you had a hidden camera delusion?

I still think people are trying to keep me in the dark.

Well sure.

In my kitchen my mother has this print titled ‘March of the flower bottle brigade’. In it there’s about 6 men/waiters who appear to be looking at you. Before psychosis my mom even uttered she was no longer sure it was respectful to Italians.

So of course armed with that memory and in psychosis I twisted it into thinking the mafia was watching me.

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Wow that sucks.

Well, there is truth to what I say. Im confident. But my life has resulted in schizoaffective disorder. I am dirty, lazy, slow, cannot plan, poor at recognizing and navigating my surroundings, etc.

What do you mean by there is truth to what you say?

Both can be true.

Both of what can be true?

That I experienced trauma and I got schizophrenia. Not hard to understand that…

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More than likely you just have schizophrenia. I’m trying to find a camera on my body and I’m not finding anything. I don’t know how small a hidden camera can get though. I’m not that educated in technology.

I’m not going to encourage your delusions. You probably just have schizophrenia too.

I just feel mine was triggered by real events and that my life was purposely destroyed, modified, and altered. Sort of like chronic gaslighting, TI, and gang-stalking to say the least. I wish it was just simple schizophrenia.

I’m highly intelligent despite my inability to live and function. Sort of like a super intelligent robot or replicant or android.

They say if you view everything as real or everything you have or see as a conspiracy theory, you probably have schizophrenia. That’s me. It fits me perfectly since I think most if not all conspiracy theories are true in some sense or true.

I just think I have artifically induced schizophrenia. I believe schizophrenia is caused by an alien made virus.

It is typically said that schizophrenia is started by life changing events, along with genetics, so what you are saying could be possible.

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If you haven’t tried it already, would you be willing to try clozapine?

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Yes I think I need to at this point.