How to survive the strange brainwash call

This call may brainwash you almost immediately if you do not slam the phone down very fast, but still some part of your brain is damaged as is my left side, but you can recover from it by practicing different things, in my case I started practicing math, but still my verbal skill were damaged so that when I called my brother in March 2000 he just said ‘you can not even speak Finnish’ although my native language is Finnish. It may happen only once in the life time.

Then I picked up the phone using my left hand and as this image shows language and verbal capabilities are on the left side of our brain.

I regret one thing. Typically I had a voice call recorder on when incoming calls arrived, but then I had not. I could have a part of this call recorded and I could provide some real evidence of the existence of these calls, but I know some well-know people know about this already.

**My left-side needs some work! **

I think that the left side of my brain was hurt which may explain why I use my right side so much more as all drawings and images in my notebooks may explain.

I think anorexia nervosa fried my left side.