How to strengthen your willpower?

I have intrusive thoughts that pressure me in directions I don’t want.
For example, that I need to emigrate, that I need to eat unhealthy food etc.
I exercise every day and sometimes more than once a day.
I take cold showers every day.
I do my utmost to lead a healthy lifestyle.
I use positive affirmations as much as I can.
What else can I do?


Acknowledge that you have done your best and not because you are powerless.

Remember the intrusive thoughts have no real power over you. They’re just that, thoughts you can’t necessarily control that pop up on their own. What you do is let them pass and live your life the way YOU want to live it.


It is about internal realisation, rather than external affirmations Study yourself and realise that only your personal objectives of what you find good and bad are important. For example, the notion that wherever you go in this idealised notion of emigration is that you take yourself with you. What would inherently change if you changed place? Little if anything. The idea that the badness would change in another place is a misconception.

The trick to strenghtening your willpower is changing your perspective.

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