How to start living and stop asking questions

when will i get off my ass and get me a jobb or study or taking what i want from this world if what i want is possible. why do i sitt on my ass With all this questions that one time i will get better and i will start doing what i want to do whatewer that is. am i living in a delusion? are thing gonna get better? or do i just have to Wake up? i mean will they get better when i realise whatewer? they will get better but not the way i thought it would be. seens i think that thats how its gonna be and i dont succsed in that way i am wrong. its much more different Then i tought.

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stop thinking start living by richard carlson is a good place to start.

Don’t be so hard on yourself… If you are… you beat yourself into defeat before you get out the door…

Part of this illness has negative symptoms… such as loosing motivation and energy.

You have listed a lot of things on your plate to tackle in one go. Maybe break it down.

I’ve had to learn that… break it down… one thing at a time.

What do you want to do first? Job? or Study? either one is correct. Just take it small.

With on-line classes… that is a great way to get started. Or look into a job on-line. Do what you can and be patient with yourself.

If you do feel your motivation is draining away faster then maybe just talk to a doc to see what some ideas and options are.

Good luck