How to slow down

Do you even know how your thinking is affecting your own semi automatic nervous system? Scenario we are in the kitchen thus this presents multiple tasks, and on how well you arrange those tasks depends a lot on the current state of your autonomic neurotransmitters. And bodily systems. For the most part run automatically with out conscience thought. As stress builds the chaotic runaway train of thought heads for derailment. That’s why bluntly sometimes we need to slow our heart rate down by stopping what we are doing and simply take a timeout. During this time you autonomic thoughts are catching up. It’s like keeping your mind in sync with your body.

Works wonders for me. I shut down focus on my actual organs studied how they are wired up. Less intrusive thoughts occur because I’m focusing only on peace coz nothing external or perceived paranoia means nothing when I just keep breathing slow. You can sort out memories give the mind some time to do that, process.

I think I am in now even better tune with my actual ANS. learning to cancel over excited neurons make them chill and think more clearer. Is a great way of putting you in charge and learning listening to your own body, follow what it says. Peace

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