How to sleep

Any advice besides sleeping pills?

Im not doing to well and cant fall asleep :fearful:

Ive taking 2 sleeping pills but im hallucinating on and off. Do you know of a link for a online game?

Fox Out

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I like Balloon tower defense 5 and Town of salem (it is multiplayer).

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I will try it thank you sir

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I have a lot of trouble sleeping. No sleeping pill has ever worked on me. Sometimes, listening to this video in bed puts me to sleep.

Deep breathing exercises also help me. Breathe in for a count of theee, and out for a count of six. Then, when that’s easy, move up to breathing in for four seconds and out for eight. Keep taking longer and longer breaths until you’re totally relaxed, and then breathe naturally.

But I’m going on day three with no sleep, so my tips don’t always work.

2 Likes requires patience but can be rewarding

i go to bed a half-hour or more before the actual time i need to fall asleep, so that my body can sink into the sleep better. if there is noise, i listen to my own music to drown out the noise. i make sure my selected music is calming though, or something that i wouldn’t mind hearing throughout the entire sleep. i also make sure i’m in darkness, even putting clothes over my eyes if there’s too much light.

sometimes i can’t sleep though. so i make sure i don’t do any rigorous activities during the hours i’m suppose to be sleeping. at the least, i should be able to have a 4 to 8 hour-long break to chill and think.